Fleet Application

Nano-Clear® provides permanent protection for private, commercial and government vehicles.

Introducing the world’s first ambient cured clear nanocoating to exceed automotive OEM specifications.  Nano-Clear® NCI for Fleet Applications is designed to restore, enhance and extend the surface life of “freshly Painted” or “Highly Oxidized” painted surfaces by 10 years.  Nano-Clear® NCI was designed to be applied using HVLP or airless spray equipment.  Nano-Clear® is a one-component highly crosslinked polyurethane hybrid nanocoating system-designed to be permanent.

  • Truck Fleets
  • Company Vehicles
  • Private Vehicles & Classic Cars
  • Recreational Vehicles

Protect vehicles from scratches, paint chips, abrasion and general wear and tear?

A lot of time, energy and money can be spent cleaning and maintaining vehicles.  They are generally well used assets that face a continual battering from abrasion and corrosion. 

Nano-Clear® dramatically improves surface protection, significantly reducing maintenance time and expenses. Providing a clear coat layer that is six times harder than paint, the usual causes of surface damage – chemicals, UV, corrosion, abrasion – are literally washed away with a hose.

See some examples of Nano-Clear® being used on private and commercial vehicles below:

Nano Clear before and after tractor
Nano Clear Toprock Truck Before and After
Nano Clear RV before and after

What types of vehicles and surfaces can Nano-Clear® be applied to for long-lasting protection?

Cabs, chassis and vehicle bodies:  Nano-Clear® has been applied to vehicle parts and entire bodies.  Use of Nano-Clear® eliminates the need for a new paint job on severely oxidized surfaces.  Nano-Clear® will not only completely revive old vehicles but can be treated on brand new ones to avoid deterioration.  Many of our customers have their fleet vehicles coated Nano-Clear® before any surface damage can be afflicted.

Fiberglass and Curtains:  Nano-Clear® can even be applied to certain plastics.  UV, corrosion, and general abrasion from wear and tear will take the gloss and color out of your plastics.  Our surface protection product will revive selected plastics back to their original state. 

A variety of Nano-Clear® products and sizes are available to suit your project needs.