Nano-Clear® Coating Portfolio


Nano-Clear® NCI Industrial Coating is the only industrial coating in the global marketplace to enhance and extend the service life of newly painted or oxidized painted surfaces by 10+years. Nano-Clear® NCI Dramatically improves corrosion, scratch, abrasion, chemical, and long-term  UV resistance of painted assets. NCI also reduces surface maintenance of painted assets by 50%.  NCI is designed to be applied over painted aboveground storage tanks, bridges, painted building structures, ships, offshore oil rigs, oil pipeline, etc.  Nano-Clear® NCI is a one component (1K) humidity cured / high cross-linked polyurethane / polyurea hybrid nanocoating.

Nano-Clear® NCF for Fleet Vehicles is designed to enhance and extend the service life of newly painted or oxidized painted fleet vehicles by 10+ years. Nano-Clear® NCF dramatically improves corrosion, scratch, abrasion, chemical, and long-term UV resistance of painted fleet assets. Nano-Clear® NCF is designed to be applied over painted heavy-duty equipment, agriculture equipment, semi-trucks, and service vehicles (UPS, FedEx).

Nano-Clear® NCIF Fluorinated Coating formulation is a fluorinated version of Nano-Clear® NCIF with improved dirt, oil, ice and water repellency. Nano-Clear® NCIF also provides anti-graffiti properties.
Nano-Clear® VV-200 Functional Surface Treatment is a single component (1) direct-to-substrate surface treatment and adhesion promoter for use with Nano-Clear® NCI Industrial Coating. VV-200 provides a covalent bond to properly prepared acid etched aluminum, stainless and cleaned glass.

Nano-Clear® VV-300 HSC Coating is a high gloss, multi-functional direct-to-PC polycarbonate and glass coating with very low odor and no-VOC.  VV-300 HSC provides a chemical bond directly to polycarbonate, TPO, ABS plastics and glass.  VV-300 HSC provides remarkable abrasion resistance, water, dirt, oil and ice repellency, chemical and solvent resistance and long-term UV / heat resistance. Nano-Clear® VV-300 HSC is designed to dramatically extend the surface life of plastic components and glass surfaces while significantly reducing surface maintenance.

Nano-Coat® Aerosol offers Industrial Grade Protective Coating in a 10oz can.  This high gloss formula offers 5 year performance protection in an easy spray application.  It dramatically improves impact and chip resistance and provides superior protection against typical environmental hazards and creates a self-cleaning surface with a 60% reduction in cleaning and maintenance.  View SVS Nano-Coat Aerosol Flyer

Nano-Clear® Functional Additives

Nano-Clear® Functional Additives were specifically developed to expand the application potential of Nano-Clear® Coatings. Nano-Clear® Functional Additives can be mixed and blended together with Nano-Clear® NCI to create a multitude of “new coating formulations” and new applications.

Nano-Clear® NCA Accelerator Additive is a proprietary additive designed to accelerate the dust & tack-free times of Nano-Clear® NCI during coating applications.

Nano-Clear® NCIM Matting Additive is designed to be added directly into Nano-Clear® NCI Industrial Coating to decrease gloss levels to a desired “flatness with no negative effect to its multi-functional polymers and the functional nanoparticles of NCIM. NCIM Matting Additive will dramatically improve scratch resistance of Nano-Clear® NCI and improve anti-slip properties.

Nano-Clear® NCFP Fluoropolymer Additive is a proprietary, low surface energy, fluoropolymer polymer designed to be added directly into Nano-Clear® NCI Industrial Coating to improve dirt, oil, water, ice and painted repellency.

A variety of Nano-Clear® products and sizes are available to suit your project needs.