Nano-Clear® for Textured Plastics

Nano-Clear® was designed for professional use only. Nano-Clear® is a permanent clear coating solution.

Introducing the world's first wipe-on nanocoating to exceed automotive OEM specifications. Nano-Clear® is a one-component solvent borne clear coating that was designed to be air cured. Nano-Clear® was specifically developed to enhance, restore and protect TPO or PU exterior textured plastics.

Nano-Clear® permanently restores original color, gloss, surface hardness and extreme UV resistance back into "new" or "highly oxidized" TPO or PU textured plastics. Nano-Clear® provides outstanding scratch, chemical and UV resistance and reduced surface cleaning.

Application potential includes; new or highly oxidized exterior automotive black textured plastics.

Nano-Clear® for Exterior Textured Plastics is "not" designed to be applied over ABS plastic, autobody metal panels, interior automotive plastics, polycarbonate (headlight lenses), ceramic or glass. Nano-Clear® should be tested for compatibility on small surface area first before applying on larger areas.

Nano-Clear® is a highly cross-linked polyurethane hybrid nanocoating system designed to be permanent.

Nano-Clear® 1K physical properties are far superior to leading 2K industrial coatings including Imron® HG (view).

Nano-Clear® NCP for Exterior Textured Plastics


  • Manufacturer 10 Year Performance Warranty
  • Restores original color, gloss, surface hardness and extreme UV resistance back into oxidized surfaces.
  • High scratch resistance (4H pencil hardness over aluminum, 2H over plastic).
  • Gasoline, acid rain, bird droppings, motor oil, bug spray, suntan lotion and solvent resistance.
  • Extreme weathering resistance (100% gloss retention after 5 years).
  • Self-cleaning properties including water, motor oil, dirt, ice and brake-dust repellency.
  • Available in 1 gal, 5 gal containers and 55 gal drums for industrial use.
  • Available in Gloss finish, (Matte Finish upon request)