VSE Corrosion Control Team


VSE's Corrosion Control Team (C2T) provides corrosion solutions to customers who understand the benefits of maximizing equipment readiness, minimizing costs and achieving their bottom line goals. VSE has been performing over 10 years of C2T operations worldwide for the US Army and US Marine Corps. This includes many aspects of corrosion prevention: Cleaning, Equipment Assessments, and Reporting, Corrosion Repair and Painting, Application of a Corrosion Prevention Compound (CPC), De-Humidified Storage. Based on a number of Business Case Analysis for the Army and Marine Corps, the C2T Corrosion Prevention Program provides a minimum of 8.5:1 cost avoidance. In other words, for each dollar spent in preventive services, the customer avoids future corrosion repairs costing $8.50. Our Mobile Unit (Trailer) offers the flexibility of doing the work on location with a non-intrusive application of an eco-friendly corrosion prevention compound along with other coatings that have been proven to tackle corrosion in the most severe environments. The materials we use prevent corrosion from starting and will inhibit further corrosion progression in areas where corrosion is already present. The VSE Corrosion Control Team tailors solutions to the individual customer needs. Our customers have been pleased with the results of our work and are enjoying increased equipment availability with reduced total ownership costs. C2T can provide world-wide support with a team that has over 10 years of experience treating and preventing corrosion on over 350,000 pieces of military equipment.

Corrosion Control Sales & Support: 1-844-873-7878