1998 Cobia Boat Case Study


The boat is a 1988 model and has severely faded. Even though the hull was polished and waxed at the beginning of the season, the exposure to the UV rays and the weather elements has caused it to fade. A single application of the Nano-Clear® material has revitalized the looks of this boat to a like new appearance.


On this boat, you can see the variations in color due to fading and the staining on the lower hull due to algae and other water borne materials. Power washing and using a hull cleaner were used to clean up the hull before the application of Nano-Clear®. As seen by the high gloss in the after photo, the surface is brought back to its original color and the Nano-Clear® will prevent future staining of the lower hull. Algae and other materials cannot attach to the Nano-technology coating.

Bow View

These photos further emphasize the algae and other materials that attach themselves to the lower hull of the boat. Once cleaned and coated with the Nano-Clear® material, these parasitic materials will no longer be able to attach to the boat. Also, since the entire hull was coated, the boat will experience better fuel economy. This is due to the coating providing 50% less drag due to water.

Port View

These photos show the difference that a 1 mil application of Nano-Clear® can provide. Original color, high gloss, and brighter finish are all a result of the single application of Nano-Clear®.

Starboard View

In these photos, the irregular fading of the upper color has been restored. Also note that the clear coating was applied over the chrome and plastic of the windows. These items will be protected from scratches due to the coating and do not require masking. The masking seen in the “After” photo is to protect the vent and the fuel opening from being sealed.